Marsha Panzer, central New Jersey interior designer,  has been the creative force behind Signature Interiors since 1989. a New Jersey interior design standard.  With a degree in Theater, Theater Arts and a Course of studies in Interior Design, Marsha has been in the design field for over twenty five years. A member of AIDP, the Association of Interior Design Professionals,  she has had successful interior design  studios in Martinsville and Bedminster, New Jersey, and is beginning this online venture as a way of introducing more people to her inviting sense of style, creative ideas and love of beautiful and unique things.

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I am an interior designer who really, really cares about the decisions my clients make.  Interior Design is not simply a means to an end but a cooperative and enjoyable collaboration where we work together as a team.  My philosophy is to listen carefully to what each client shares with me, continue on with a dialogue of ideas and present a number of possibilities that hopefully will satisfy on all levels—aesthetic, utilization, and budgetary.  Along the way I’ve made some wonderful friends and acquaintances and can honestly say I don’t really know what people mean when they say, “working with people can be difficult.”

I go into each project with one philosophy—“Have a finished project that looks just like what the client would have chosen if they knew how to do it. themselves.”   My job is to not just hear what someone says and be satisfied, but to understand that status quo is really not the end of the story.  Introducing new thoughts, new ideas and new possibilities to a client and explaining why those possibilities enhance their original concept is my job, and one I thoroughly enjoy sharing. From beginning to end I understand that the main ingredient in a successful relationship is trust.  I know I can provide someone with good design, good color choices and good floor plans.  But I want you to know that I am never finished until the job is done and the client is satisfied.  Trust is essential and I take that trust very seriously. From the smallest powder room to an entire ten thousand square foot home your needs are uppermost in my thoughts.

I myself don’t have a “favorite look.”  My favorite look is when the project is finished and the space reflects just what the client was looking for.  I enjoy working within a traditional framework, a contemporary framework, or, a combination of old and new—in most cases bringing a sense of the eclectic to the completed look.   I love textures and colors and  always strive for a room to have a sense of balance and integrity.  I take each job very seriously, and recognize that design isn’ t just a straightforward road, but one that zigs and zags along the way. My favorite look is the one on the client’s face when they thank me for giving them just what they wanted,  and letting me know that when design services are needed  in the future I am the designer they will be calling.


When I opened my store I had an idea in mind—a mini D & D building, right here in Martinsville, NJ.  Designers and just regular people could come in and listen to soothing music while choosing from numerous home décor and accent pieces, a wide array of mirrors and artwork, giftware and occasional furniture and gifts.  I added the jewelry lines about eight years ago and that was as much fun for me as it was for the customers.  Every item sold in the store, and now on the website is something that I have chosen myself and would  be thrilled to own.

What woman doesn’t enjoy sparkles and bling?  When someone is looking for jewelry-- bridal, everyday or special occassion,  I advised them as if they were the  interior design project—taking height, size color and balance into consideration.  Again, it isn't only a sale that I am iterested in but making certain it is the perfect fit for that customer.  Many an afternoon was spent trying on and deciding what was the perfect necklace, bracelet or ring.  And one more thing—don’t be intimidated by some of the jewelry pieces.  These are gorgeous, beautiful and dazzling.  Be confident and be prepared for people to stop you on the street and say, “That Is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen!”  And think about giving one of these pieces as a gift.  Wouldn’t you love getting one?

I love being busy and running the design business and the store kept me very busy.  Unfortunately, each year winter reared its ugly head and cold weather became my enemy.  I didn’t want to give anything up so I decided I would outsmart the cold weather and simply have my store on-line.  And here you have it… Signature Interiors and Gifts, a different kind of on- line adventure. Think of this website as a special shop in a small New Jersey community where you are really cared about.  Please feel free to email or call regarding any design, gift, home décor or  jewelry need. The site is run just like the shop was.  There are not great quantities of things in stock, and if it is shown on the website there may only be one.  Many things can be ordered and we will let you know honestly what the availability time is.

I look forward to hearing from old friends, and getting to know new customers who  come through our doors.   Those of you  who have been to my shop know that  the customer’s needs really do come first.  Think of Signature Interiors and Gifts for all of your New Jersey (and out of state as well), interior design needs.  Think of Signature Interiors and Gifts for all of your gift and jewelry needs throughout the entire USA!
Marsha Panzer